Consultation Fees

At Lower Limb, we have a wealth of knowledge to manage a wide range of Podiatry issues from sports injuries such as heel pain and Achilles tendon issues to surgical management of ingrowing toenails. We value your foot health needs and only invest in the latest and researched proven equipment to give you the most accurate and effective outcomes.

We pride ourselves on providing excellent clinical standards and honesty. 

We believe in being as open and as transparent on our pricing as possible. There are no hidden charges

Our Prices

Please note that ESWT Shockwave therapy and Nail Surgery are unavailable to book online as suitability and medical history must legally be assessed first. 


£ 48 New Patient
  • All things skin and nails related
  • Verruca including Cryotherapy & Acid treatments
  • Minor ingrown toe nails* £30 Surcharge for anaesthetic if required
  • Sterile instruments
  • HCPC and Royal College of Podiatry registered Podiatrists

Lower Limb
Injury Assessment

£ 94 New Patient
  • 2D Slow motion Video Gait Analysis
  • Digital Pressure Plate Analysis powered by Gait & Motion / Phits technology
  • Flexibility & Strength Testing
  • Ultrasound Scanning to aid diagnosis
  • Includes 3D foot scanning for orthotics if required


£ 315
  • Nail surgery - 1x Partial / 1x Full - surcharge for additional - 99% Success rate * For ingrown toe nails
  • Price includes 1 follow-up consultation
  • ** This procedure requires an initial pre assessment to discuss suitability and medical history* *

3D Gait

£ 295
  • Advanced 3D gait analysis powered by Run3D. 2 Hr appointment
  • Available for all patient types, not just runners
  • Follow up appointment (30 min) to discuss findings and issue rehab plan included
  • 100% research driven assessment that is validated by Run3D - Oxford University
  • Recommended for complex injuries - usually those which are chronic, failed previous interventions or multi-joint areas

Custom 3D
Milled Orthotics

£ 380
  • Our custom orthotics are designed and manufactured in house, this ensures quick turn around and optimum fit / correction
  • Stringent quality and control procedures are in place to ensure patient satisfaction and a quality productAvailable for all patient types, not just runners
  • All orthotics come with a manufacture warranty that covers the shell for 4 years and any top covers / linings for 1 year
  • After 1 year there is a £40 charge for orthotic refurbishments, where all top covers are removed, additions replaced if required and a new premium top cover applied.
  • In order to avail of orthotics you must first book a Lower Limb Injury Assessment or 3D Gait Analysis which includes 3D scanning, gait analysis and dynamic pressure plate assessment. These are essential to ensure the correct orthotic is designed.

SWIFT Verruca

£ 150 per session
  • The most advanced verruca treatment available
  • Non-invasive
  • No residual pain
  • Researched, safe & effective
  • Available for Children & Adults