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3D Gait Analysis

Gait Analysis Belfast

Lower Limb, Belfast provides you with a choice when it comes to your injury assessment. We offer both 2D and 3D gait analyses. Below we explain the difference and how to decide which one to pick.

Whenever you walk, run jump or squat your joints move in 3 dimensions. Your lower limb is an incredibly complex machine that allows you to do all your everyday activities and for the majority of people, do these activities without pain.

Run 3D

For years we assessed patients using 2D technology. Many times very successfully. However, the more complex patients with multi-joint pain or chronic injuries demanded more in-depth assessment. There was much more to assess than what the technology could allow. Until now.

Run 3D was developed by a team of researchers from the University of Oxford. After investigating the biomechanics of running injuries, their vision was to bring the same gold-standard 3D motion analysis technology that was used in research into the real world.  

Run 3D utilised the power of world-leading Vicon™ motion capture technology to provide us with accurate 3D data of why your injury hasn’t gone away. It is often described by patients as “like an MRI of your gait”.

If you think your injury is chronic and complex we advise on the 3D gait analysis. If isolated to one area, is relatively recent then we recommend the Lower Limb Injury Assessment.

After the initial assessment, we will apply sensory markers from hip to foot and build a virtual 3D lower limb skeleton of you. You are given time to get used to the treadmill before we start to collect the data. ​

This may include different speeds, different shoes, with or without orthotics.
Then the magic happens. Our Vicon cameras are powered up and data is being received! The data is then compared to a control database of non-injured, club-level runners.

The data is real-life feedback that can highlight balance issues, muscle weakness, increased motion in a certain area, or an error in your technique – all of which can lead to or explain your injury and help us build your personal treatment plan.
The appointment will last roughly 2 hours. You will have the option to book a review appointment to discuss your results and any recommended treatments or we can e-mail you a report with all our findings. ​

3D Gait Analysis Can Help

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"Had an appointment with Conleth first thing in the morning and it was a pleasure. I visited with a foot injury and he suggested a diagnosis preliminarily, then had it confirmed via ultrasound just 15 mins later. The gait analysis technology & usage was also very impressive; a well ran clinic & superb staff would recommend to anyone having feet problems or queries"
Kevin Clarke
"always go the extra mile, excellent, highly professional and friendly, nothing is too much trouble. Couldn-t recommend more highly"
Cath Collins

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Are you experiencing pain or discomfort during movement, or simply interested in understanding and improving your walking or running technique? Take advantage of the cutting-edge technology of 3D gait analysis