Tackling the Tingling: Understanding and Treating Morton’s Neuroma

Are you battling persistent tingling or burning sensations in your forefoot? Perhaps it feels like you’re always stepping on an invisible pebble? If this sounds familiar, you might be dealing with Morton’s neuroma, a common foot ailment treatable right here at Lower Limb Clinic, with convenient locations on Lisburn Road and Ormeau Road, Belfast. What […]

Drop foot and bracing- Yes we can help!

What causes drop foot? The most common cause of foot drop is compression of a nerve in the leg that controls the muscles involved in lifting the foot. This nerve is called the peroneal nerve. A serious knee injury can lead to the nerve being compressed. It can also be injured during hip or knee replacement […]

Exciting Expansion: Discover Our New Podiatry Clinic on Ormeau Road!

We’re thrilled to announce an exciting development for our patients and the wider community: Our clinic is expanding! In our commitment to deliver exceptional podiatry and foot care services, we’re delighted to unveil our new branch on Ormeau Road. This expansion is inspired by our dedication to accessibility and the convenience of our patients, many […]

Shockwave Therapy for Heel Pain in Belfast: Lower Limb Clinic’s Innovative Solution

Introduction Struggling with heel pain in Belfast? At the Lower Limb Clinic, Belfast’s leading foot care center, we introduce you to the cutting-edge EMS SWISS DOLORCLAST Shockwave Therapy – a solution for heel pain. Find out more about the EMS machine by clicking HERE What is Shockwave Therapy? As Belfast’s specialists in extracorporeal shock wave […]